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Development and Implementation of Clinical Pharmacy Services

If your department is to "small" to afford a dedicated clinical support staff but is expected to provide clinical services, we offer the perfect solution. Often the development and implementation of pharmacy based clinical services require significant resources. Let us be that resource at a fraction of the cost of permanent clinical support staff! We can also provide services to support your current clinical pharmacy and quality improvement programs. We can provide the following services, just to name a few!

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

We ensure that you safely and effectively achieve the targeted medication outcomes for your patients. The MTM pharmacist joins your medical team and uses special analytical tools and processes to identify opportunities for improvement in medication therapy management.

Pain Management Expertise

Despite a rise in opioid misuse, abuse, and diversion, as well as overdose deaths, many patients still suffer from inadequate acute and chronic pain control. Pharmacists play an important role in pain management as patients transition from one care setting to another.

We have highly experienced staff in the area of pain management as well as those board certified in the specialty areas including mental health and substance use.

Medication Event Reporting Programs

Safety is an important concern in any medication use system. A comprehensive Medication Event Reporting Program is key to providing the information needed to improve systems and processes. By evaluating your current program and identifying opportunities for improvements and providing the necessary education for implementation we can help ensure a successful program.

Sophisticated reports analyzing your aggregate data along with corrective action plans for identified problematic trends can be provided.

Drug Information Services

Although drug information is readily available in drug databases accessed via the Internet or personal digital assistants, there are still situations in which verbal communication with a knowledgeable source is often the quickest strategy for answering clinical questions about medications. A noncommercial, pharmacist-operated drug information service can be a useful information alternative that offers a personalized approach.

Adverse Drug Event Reporting Programs

We can evaluate current programs and identify opportunities for improvements or design new programs from the ground up.

We will provide the necessary education for implementation of a successful program and we will provide sophisticated reports analyzing your system's aggregate data.

Antimicrobial Stewardship

An important clinical responsibility of the pharmacist is to ensure the optimal use of antimicrobial agents throughout the health system. The Joint Commission has identified standards pertaining to antimicrobial stewardship in the Medication Management (MM) standards for hospitals and has identified the pharmacist as a critical part of the team. We have experience supporting ASP committees in various hospital settings.

Behavioral Health Expertise

While we offer expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas and the acute care setting, we have behavioral health experts who have studied both mental health and substance abuse topics, as well as co-occurring disorders in which both mental illness and substance abuse are factors. Our goal is to gain information that can help prevent — or reduce the impact of — these behavioral health challenges.