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Committee Support & Formulary Management

A hospital's or health system's Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee is the primary decision- making body for all things medication related AND is the inspiration behind our name!

The Pharmacy & Therapeutics The Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committees have been credited with increasing practitioners' knowledge about medication therapy, improving the safety of medication therapy, and improving therapeutic outcomes.

Consideration of patient care and unbiased reviews of the biomedical literature are the cornerstone principles of medication management decision-making. The Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee has a responsibility to its patients and its organization to apply these principles to the decision-making processes.

Work done at the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee level includes provision of policies and procedures for medication use processes, clinical guidelines, Medication Utilization Evaluations, performance improvement initiatives, and education. The role often given the highest priority, however, is management of the formulary and the authorization and restriction of new drugs in the clinical environment. In performing these activities, the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee has the overarching goal of ensuring the safe, appropriate, and cost-effective use of medications.

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Formulary Management

Decisions on the management of a formulary system should be founded on the evidence-based clinical, ethical, legal, social, philosophical, quality-of-life, safety, and economic factors that result in optimal patient care.

The process must include the active and direct involvement of physicians, pharmacists, and other appropriate health care professionals. This evidence-based process should not be based solely on economic factors. The formulary system should be standardized among components of integrated health systems when standardization leads to improved patient outcomes and safety.

Management of a formulary system is a significant component of a health care organization’s ongoing medication use policy development process. A comprehensive, well maintained formulary that is tailored to the organization’s patient care needs, policy framework, and medication-use systems ensures that the six critical processes identified by the Joint Commission (selection and procurement, storage, ordering and transcribing, preparing and dispensing, administration, and monitoring) work in concert to ensure optimal outcomes.

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